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Important good news: Rainbow engineering research center passed certification

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Jiangsu anti-corrosion self-supporting composite steel chimney engineering technology research center passed the certification

      Recently, provincial department of engineering technology research center in jiangsu province in 2016 to that list of the public, environmental equipment co., LTD. Suzhou rainbow "jiangsu province anticorrosive free-standing composite steel chimney engineering technology research center" after feasibility, field investigation, questioning, defense, discussions, and other links, passed provincial comprehensive demonstration of the panel.
      Rainbow environment has always taken the cultivation of engineering technology research center as one of the important measures to promote the implementation of the drive strategy. Provincial engineering center evaluation is to select units with comprehensive advantages in industries and fields, undertake engineering technology research, test projects and scientific and technological service projects entrusted by national and local departments, enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions, and provide technical consulting services for the promotion of their achievements. Rainbow environment makes full use of the company's existing scientific research foundation, technical conditions and advantages, and makes use of the industry-university-research cooperation platform established by the company with wuhan university of technology, sichuan university and suzhou university. Through comprehensive design and technical optimization of mechanical structure, anti-corrosion performance, vibration reduction system, emission reduction and dust removal of composite steel chimneys, and leading the international advanced chimney industry cutting-edge technology, a domestic advanced anti-corrosion self-supporting composite steel chimneys research and development platform is established. Through the research and development of new products, new technologies and new processes, improve the overall competitiveness of the company's products. Therefore, the rainbow environment to achieve the cognizance of "jiangsu province engineering technology research center", not only the rainbow environment in the professional research and development, design, production, sales and installation of stainless steel chimney system, industrial system, fireplace chimneys steel chimney, stainless steel, stainless steel dirty clothes well system ventilation, lampblack purification system and other high temperature gas pipeline system has been made environmental protection equipment research and development achievements of the highly recognized, also means that rainbow in the aspect of technology research and development ability and the innovation system will be a new step, taking on more responsibility to promote the development of industry and technology in the field of.
    “The approval of "jiangsu anti-corrosion self-supporting composite steel chimney engineering technology research center" will surely drive the progress of enterprise scientific research strength and development level. Due to corrosion free-standing composite steel chimney irreplaceable advantages in aspects of economy, society, technology and the development of construction technology, the target product will become the mainstream of the domestic and foreign industrial chimney, managing land use area, the customer cost saving etc bring huge economic benefits at the same time, for the country's revolutionary effects in green, environmental protection, can replace the basic concrete chimney, the upgrade of domestic industry's chimney. It is of great significance to have realistic urgency and environmental protection. It plays an important role in realizing major technological breakthroughs, promoting industrial restructuring, and enhancing the overall international competitiveness and level of the industry.

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