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The Rainbow to create high-quality technical team, products through

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Rainbow has a high-quality technical team, intermediate and advanced technology and management personnel nearly 100 people. We are the first in the industry to pass the ISO9001:2000 quality system and ISO14000 environmental system certification, and reach cooperation agreement with the world's top lampblack equipment manufacturers, and will show our style in the future SHOPPING MALL and FIVE STAR HOTEL!

The Rainbow has obtained more than 20 patent certificates, as well as private science and technology enterprise certificates and high-tech product identification certificates.

The Rainbow is the only international steel chimney association member in Asia (north American HPBA member). Is the only domestic chimney industry with TUV testing center of Germany; It is the only enterprise that has passed the CE certification.

The company cooperated with the authoritative design institute and Southeast University to study the independent (towering) steel chimney mechanical control system, which filled the blank of domestic industrial chimney. In recent years, we have reached more in-depth strategic partnerships with internationally renowned brands such as STEELCON, the world's top enterprise. In the chimney industry, the company also participated in the formulation of 《prefabricated double-layer stainless steel flue and chimney》, 《chimney design specification》and《chimney reliability evaluation standard》. Rainbow is constantly standardizing and upgrading the level of the industry, constantly surpassing and breaking through the standards and technologies of international top companies with the strategic vision of globalization, leading the development direction of international metal chimney in the future.

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