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Industrial smoke purification

Industrial electrostatic smoke purification equipment

Solid epoxy high voltage power supply

High voltage control Unit

Insulator on the electric field

Ceramic insulator

Problems faced by all
Exhaust gases produced during fuel burning and production in factories contain various pollutants. Such gases cause severe pollution if directly discharged into the air. The hazardous substances enter human bodies through the respiratory tract. Some may directly harm health while others may accumulate in the body and seriously threaten health.

Purification principles

Waste gases are first cooled down to an appropriate value through a heating exchange cooler, during which gaseous pollutants will be condensed into tiny droplets and then purified and recycled with short poles electric field.

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Equipment advantages
• Extra long cleaning cycle: The specially designed linear electric field matches with the digital power supply, which can extend the cleaning cycle to 2 to3 times.
• Easy maintenance: horizontal structure makes the equipment easy to install, clean and maintain.
• Efficient smoke removal effect:Under rated air volume, the fume removal rate can be as high as 95% and particle removal rate over 95%.
• Continuity of equipment operation:Grouped power supply makes it for sure that all other groups of power supply continue to work normally even though certain group discharges or malfunctions.
• Safety guarantee: Fire net, fire damper, temperature detection system and fire extinguishing system ensures the equipment to operate safely and stably ensures.
• Digital power supply:All functions of the original power supply are covered with more intelligent protection. Digital power supply also allows various working modes which are more efficient, more durable and much safer. Working parameters can be recorded and a built-in RS485 communication interface makes operation and maintenance very easy.
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