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Catering fume purification


Product advantages

Modularity:The equipment is a combination of different modules that can be selected according to installation space. The electric field components are easy to install, dissemble and clean.
Expert certification: jointly developed by Rainbow and National Flue Gas Desulfurization Engineering Technology Research Center and supervised by the national pilot base.
Safety:The product uses a plastic insulator with a very high safety factor to avoid the drawbacks of high-voltage breakdown of ceramics. The current is isolated within 0.01 seco intelligent equipment management displays the operating status and calculates power consumption parameters accurately.
Quality control: Frequent transmission and discharge strength test and 48-hour aging test 2 hours before leaving the factory to ensure stable running-in at the initial stage of product use.

Demo model

Quality control:2 hours of frequent transmission and discharge strength test and 48 hours aging test to ensure the stability of the initial run-in of the product.

  • Aerospace alloy grade material

  • Fine detail design highlighting excellence

  • Fine craftsmanship

  • Automotive shell-level high temperature spraying process

  • Product side view

  • Product rear view

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