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What we advocate is a lifecycle management of our products. Standing in static, our chimneys are full of vitality and spirituality. We call them trees. It is our mission to manage their safety and purification effectiveness through data monitor and analysis.

Take our industrial chimney as an example. Vibration is their nature. Otherwise they will be easy to break. But it will be abnormal and unsafe if they keep shaking too often or too much. Luckily Our Chimney safety displacement detection system can monitor all their malfunctions through a damping damper and send feedback to our big data platform. Such monitor guarantees the safety of our chimneys.

In addition to the environmental issues concerned by all, our big data platform also provide monitoring of commercial catering fumes and industrial VOC emissions. For example, we can install an intelligent monitor to clearly perceive the purified fume concentration, purification efficiency of the equipment to make sure the emissions meet the standards. Meanwhile, it can also monitor the flue gas temperature in the flue pipe and detect the fire point temperature with fire linkage through linkage monitoring technology of multi-network integration. This is functional detection.

The mission of this data platform is to realize the management throughout the entire lifecycle of our chimney products. The analysis of the end data and the front-end governance and operation fuels product design and promotion. What we can perceive from the lifeless data are opportunities of sustainable development realized by products full of vitality.

Hardware platform  
    Pipeline design:
According to the flow field analysis technology, the flue gas velocity is controlled through the structure design of the pipeline to ensure the purification effect of the oil fume entering the purification equipment. 
►    Probe design:
The probe length is determined by the direction of the fume in the pipeline according to the fluid and ensures the accurate data monitoring of the oil fume concentration.
►    Human-Computer interaction interface:
Human-Computer interaction interface with a smart touch screen allows customers to easily obtain the real-time operation of the equipment.
►    Real-time feedback of malfunctions to mobile terminals:
The monitoring center alerts by means of sending window prompts, voice alarms and text messages when there are communication failures or data overruns and records the time and reason. 

Daily usability:
Adopt B/S architecture is adopted to improve system deployment efficiency and cross-platform use.
Diversity of view modes:
Real-time data is viewed by an integration of electronic maps and charts.
Diversity of data expression:
Data is represented by means of graphs, histograms, reports, etc.
Practicability of Daily maintenance
The platform enables remote maintenance and upgrade of the field monitor.
Timeliness of abnormal alarms
Mobile phone alarm message will be sent when the abnormal or exceeding standard information is monitored.

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